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About Us

What We Do

US-GeoMarket is a leader in location analytics and geospatial technology, giving businesses the means to make the most informed business decisions. We enable companies to fully understand their data by developing the most power industry-specific software applications. US-GeoMarket’s patent-pending technology, Geo-Discover, unlocks the power of your business’s data through Qlik dashboards, leading GIS demographic data, and Esri mapping technology.



Mike Strube


As President of US-GeoMarket, Mike brings industry-leading location analytics expertise from his tenure as the founder of GeoMarket Solutions, Inc. Mike has spent nearly a decade providing solutions to healthcare organizations, retailers, and universities. In late 2014, US-Analytics acquired and merged with GeoMarket Solutions, forming US-GeoMarket. As a partner with Esri and QlikView, US-GeoMarket provides leading-edge integration between spatial analytics, mapping, and business intelligence.

Mike graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Oklahoma University. He spent several years as a financial analyst, salesman, consultant, and entrepreneur. During his career he spent time at Alcon Laboratories, Clarify, Business Objects, and QlikView.

Technology Partners


For over 30 years, Esri has helped organizations think spatially and benefit from geography. Esri location analytics augments your business systems with mapping visualization and spatial analytics that complement existing functionality. Your users benefit from enhanced insight into business data, without leaving the business system or disruption to their information workflow. Location analytics delivers the missing perspective to these business analytics solutions.

Business discovery is a whole new way of doing things that puts the business user in control. Unlike traditional BI, where just a few people are involved in insight creation, business discovery enables everyone to create insight. It’s about workgroups, departments, and entire business units having access to the data they need to make better decisions. With Qlik, businesses can take insight to the edges of their organization, enabling every business user to do their jobs smarter and faster than ever. Qlik enables all users to create tailored insights that meet their unique business needs and timelines.