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Managed Services

Offload your IT burden and rely on the experts. 

Our flexible, highly-scalable data management services for location analytics offer several benefits:

  • Deliver fast results, without spending time and money building full-process solutions.

  • Support information-driven initiatives designed to meet business goals and improve business processes.

  • Discover business value and opportunities in your data.

Transforming semi and unstructured information into actionable information requires collecting, organizing, tracking and interpreting trends in huge volumes of text, images, audio and video files—and doing it quickly and cost-effectively. Don't waste time and resources trying to do it yourself. Rely on US-GeoMarket consultants and trainers, who specialize in designing, implementing and managing services that solve business problems, improve IT performance and address your cost and schedule-related concerns.

Complete Data Management Development and Support

We can provide data management services separately or as part of a turnkey data analytics solution. Services include proof of concept, design, application integration and migration, BI strategy and roadmap advice and QlikView mentoring.

Asset Management

We add consulting as an optional part of our managed services offerings. Rather than simply sell QlikView data management software and services, we can help you decide which services you might or might not want to invest in.

Consistent and Reliable Consulting

We believe in building trust and providing consistency. For this reason, US-GeoMarket provides your team with a single, dedicated consultant to foster and ongoing relationship. We eliminate the project risk of communication fumbles and mid-process handoffs to resources with skills and experience unknown to you.

Cost-effective Tiered Services 

US-GeoMarket makes it easy to turn the managed services volume up, down or off, when you need to. You can leverage our expertise by adding or decreasing the level of effort based on your development needs. Our team provides easy scalibility, enabling organizations of any size to grow their data management operations as large or as quickly as needed. Or, you can use our services to provide a temporary bridge to larger, full-process projects.